Friday, May 08, 2009

Do As I Say Do, Not As I Do

NYC Teens Chide Palin's Abstinence Call

Students Say Bristol Palin is 'Hypocrite,' a 'Celebrity' and 'Hasn't Been in Our Shoes'

New York City students who heard Bristol Palin's warnings against teen pregnancy say they might consider abstinence, but they wouldn't take advice on it from the young unwed mother. ambassador to The Candie's Foundation to help create awareness about the pitfalls of teen pregnancy.

On Wednesday, she carried her message to about 150 teens at a town meeting forum at The Times Center that included "Heroes" actress Hayden Panettiere and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Garza, who was a teen father.

"It's a big flop," said Jerry Kowal, a senior at Solomon Schecter High School in Hartsdale, N.Y., referring to Palin's campaign to get teens to abstain from sex.

"I don't think it's her real opinion," the 17-year-old told "She's just trying to help her mother. She said it herself that abstinence education doesn't work. I looked it up."