Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WTP Federal Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting Heads for Trial

May 11, 2009

WTP Federal Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting Heads for Trial

Discovery Begins, Jury Will Decide the Law

In 2007, WTP instigated a federal lawsuit in New York seeking to hold election officials in all fifty states accountable for their deprivation of the People's fundamental Right to Vote because of the use of non-verifiable electronic and mechanical machine-based vote counting.

The case was dubbed the "National Clean Elections Lawsuit," or NCEL.

Although a 2008 Order from the U.S. District Court in Albany removed all the non-New York defendants, as of last week, the Court ordered the remaining parties to commence preparations for a jury trial.

It must be noted that this is the first federal lawsuit ever to be approved for trial directly challenging the constitutional integrity of a state's official election procedures which are totally dependent, almost without exception, upon machine-based vote counting.

In the complaint, WTP supporters from all fifty states participated as plaintiffs arguing that the People have a fundamental, natural Right to know their votes are being accurately counted, and that it is unconstitutional for the Government to count our votes in secret -- which is precisely what happens when the "hidden" mechanisms of a machine (whether electronic or mechanical) counts the votes and produces a total.


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