Monday, May 04, 2009


This is amazing. From The Agitator.

"Once again, cops aren’t soldiers. American cities aren’t battlefields. And U.S. citizens aren’t potential combatants. This isn’t pedantry. It’s about the mentality with which police officers approach their job, and about what sort of relationship they’re going to have with the people whose rights they’re supposed to be protecting."

This is a primary example with what is wrong with this country. Law and Law enforcement WORSHIP!

Wake up sheeple! Don't you realize that you have been brainwashed into believing that "Law" is a god? In some ways I suppose that it is, considering that most of the world's problems come from the behavior of the believers of the three predominate religions born out of revelation.
Revelation, not reason.
Revelation, not inductive reasoning.
Revelation, not deductive reasoning.
Revelation, not from observation, recording, or repetition to test the belief.
Revelation that reduces the reasoned reality of natural forces to the caprice of arbitrary gods.
Revelation from some superstitious desert nomads experiencing a natural phenomena to which they ascribed their "god's" involvement.
Revelation, from some ecstatic person shaking of themselves enough to induce a mild concussion and feeling of euphoria to utter claims of "divine" origin.
Revelation, from a religio-political hierarchy that has demonstrated from its inception, hypocrisy, corruption, greed and a low value of human life.
Revelation that promises a wonderful afterlife to whoever does whatever acts of devotion its present prophets proclaim.
Revelation that prejudices unto perdition those who are different in dress, speech, hue, culture and manner.
Revelation that is always in flux amongst its devotees so that its premise and focus change over time.
Law is a "revealed" god.
The practice of Law belief is a religion.
Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are the "temple's" guards.
Lawyers are the priests.
Judges are the high priests.
Men "revealed/invented" religion.
Men "revealed/invented" the Law.
Just as it is with theology, the Law's will is interpreted and reinterpreted by men. Men study, argue, write books, and create competitive theories of Law interpretation and administration. What was legal yesterday, is illegal today and legal again tomorrow. Law belief is propagated by pundits of propagandic pulpiteering through favorable LEO news and entertainment media. LEOs are given special privileges and semi limited immunity from legal action. Holy Warriors are also given special dispensations (privileges) and semi limited immunity from legal action.
Tyrants have always used theistic belief systems (religions) and non theistic/secular belief systems (philosophy, naturalism) in a blended secular/religious Law philosophy to legalize and legitimize their tyranny.
Thus the
purveyors of poLice Statist status quo, revel in their revelatory revival of regulatory religion.
It is time to change the paradigm before it is too late. Become an unbeliever.
Not an antinomian (technically correct) however, as that term has been co-opted by the religionists and primarily used pejoratively for those who reject "revealed" religious law. Repudiate the label.
Be an anomian or an alexist.
An anomian: a (the prefix a-, meaning "without, not," ) nomian (legalist, legalism.)
An alexist: a (the prefix a-, meaning "without, not," ) lex (law) ist (the suffix -ist is used to denote a person holds certain principles, doctrines, etc..)
Embrace your inner outlaw! Teach resistance. Always question authority!